Thursday, June 2, 2011


There's something I like to hear that scholars, writers and authors sometimes observe out loud: that Religion still exists in the world today, and that it is not dying, as much as secularists like to believe.

And, well, I agree that it's not dying. It's evolving and changing. There is now an overabundance of new religious movements in the world, created by religious seekers, those willing to experiment with models of reality.

I am an undergraduate Religious Studies student who has had a love for religion my whole life. I was raised a Roman Catholic. In my teenage years, my passion for metaphysics and the divine carried me to study and practice Wicca eclectically, and I eventually moved onto the metaphysical ideas of Chaos magicians and broadened my religious-self definition to a mere "dabbler".

I am not much of a practitioner in anything Occult, but I do have a passion to study it alongside the various religions and myths of the world. I invite you to join me as I reflect on things I am learning about Religion or Metaphysics, and I intend to share with you the majority of my work in the Occult, as well.

As for the rest of this blog, well, you'll see what my future posts are like. :) I will assume some knowledge of the Occult as I write, but if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or your email and maybe we can start a conversation.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this blog.

    On the subject of secularists though... Trying to rationalize an inherently irrational existence experienced by an inherently irrational species in an attempt to progress that species seems like pissing into the wind.

  2. This blog is going to break my brain, isn't it?