Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Religious Object: Bible

Let me tell you the story of the first real Bible I remember owning. Here it is, my standard KJV that looks new, useable, and written by GOD HIMSELF. At least, that's what they tell me.

I should mention that I got this on Halloween. Yes, I was probably around 10, and I was trick-or-treating with my best friend when we were brought to this big house (at the age of 10, big is apparently the only adjective I bothered to remember), and we were received by a southern-sounding man and a heavy plunk of Bible hitting the bottom of our plastic jack-o-lanterns. No candy.

I vaguely recall being briefly brought inside this man's home, wherein the horrible Halloween predator asked my friend if he believed in Jesus. I remember my friend answering meekly, but seriously: "Yeah, I believe in Jesus." (For the record, I'm not sure he would say the same today.)

When I finally found myself at home later that evening, lamenting the fact that a brick of a Bible had blocked the entry of other Halloween treats that night, I opened the book to find this:

A book of Catholic prayers (barely pictured) was stuck in there for good measure, too.

There you go: my Bible. I hope to use this thing more. For what? I'm not sure yet.

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