Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Occultist's Secrets [2012 Intro Post]

Between Franz Bardon, Peter J. Carroll, and Phil Hine, the magicians I've paid the most attention to, they agree that secrecy is a vital part of being a good occultist. One must document their journey, but for all of the diaries and records that a person on the Path (or what have you) keeps, they should not be shared with anyone, much less the world.

That's partially why this blog has received very little attention. If I were to spill the sigils and other occult drawings I own onto the web, would that lessen their effectiveness? Maybe a bit. I could present to you some of my favorite designs, but would they work any better for you than something you've created yourself? It's debatable.

I won't waste your time speaking about the power of secrets, as that should be fairly obvious to anyone who has held any for long enough. For 2012, I may make it a goal to update this blog with a meaningful post at least once a month. If that goal is viable at all, you'll see another pretty big post within the week, regarding the future of Religious Object[] and my own spiritual journey.

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